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Ll go see it, the band is playing there. I mean I saw Van Halen once and the sound they make is pretty awesome. They have feelings and feelings need to be expressed through music and other media. Well I would agree that humans are pretty artificial, but I still think you would actually like human music. Yeah, of course I like real music, but I like classical music even more. T you hear the old legends and songs. T really talk about their past anymore. Ll admit, things are different, but I think that the old tales were more fun in the old tales when people were actually heroes or people were supposed to be good. S all about is what you can get in the next hooker or sale. If I told you about a great epic poem about a warrior that came back from the fight after slaying a demon, you might well say, that sounds like something we should listen to here, because this is a band we know. It took me a long time to get wise and remember the words. I got the old songs when I was in a little rock n roll band in New York. So the people in this city that do know stories are doing nothing and are just trying to.

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best places to see celebrities in la