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Now that youve got the idea, you should probably go back to what you were doing. You try to find a movieThe sun is setting, letting its last light into the sky. You find yourself staring out across the city, watching it go dark as the sky grows red and finally becomes a black hole. You hear your name called, as the crowd on the stage sees you. You turn to see a figure wearing a purple mask. Its eyes are red, bloodshot and their are several large bite marks across its face. There is something like a piece of cloth wrapped around his or her mouth, concealing their mouth and giving a very disgusting-looking looking person an appearance of a vampire. Please, its just you, you say, trying avoid being stared at. You see nothing but stars as the person on stage approaches you. The persons head turns your way as they appear to be pointing a long silver knife at you. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. The man looks at each of you in turn, his eyes narrowing as he looks at you. The man steps towards you, and you step back, the silver knife in your hand. A bolt of pain shoots through your body as its tip goes into your shoulder. Take him alive and make your move, or surrender, knowing hell kill you anyway. How would you even get the strength to do that. How would you even react in the first place. The only thing you could do is surrender. Im not going to harm you, but Im going to kill you. Do you think the Federation will save you from killing each other. Im going to tear the room apart and search the people for any weaknesses, anyone who might be a suitable host, and slaughter them in their sleep.

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