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Hollywood stars are liberal Democrats who usually vote Democrat, but as more and more of them become more and more liberal, the more that theyre actually becoming Democrats. This list was made by conservative Hollywood stars on the Internet. The conservative stars on this list have been conservatives for a long time, all the way back to the days of the Reagan years and even before that. Some of the celebrities on this list are Republicans and they do indeed have political views. Others are liberal, and their political views are just a convenient way to make it look like theyre not Republican. Still others have different political views and are both liberals and Republicans. The simple answer is that you cant be right all the time. The celebrities listed here have differing political views, and theyre allowed to have them because theyre celebrities. The bottom line is this: All of them claim to be conservatives and yet theyre not. They claim to be liberals but theyre not. This means that you can be a conservative celebrity and still vote for Democrats, as long as youre voting for the wrong ones. Most of these views are the same as your Hollywood liberal friends. Hollywood conservatives are Republicans and Hollywood conservatives are Hollywood liberals. Youre a Hollywood conservative liberal capitalist capitalist capitalist Democrat. Youre a Republican Republican Republican Republican Republican Republican. Youre a Republican Republican Republican Republican Republican Republican Republican.

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