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Name may change but the area they live in-s always the same. Jimmy Baikovicius, Rave On by the way, was a big hit in Las Vegas with this song and the movie that followed. His parents owned a restaurant in Las Vegas and he lived in the neighborhood and it was where his parents were killed in a car crash. Jimmy Baikovicius was a well-respected DJ and electronic musician. The first thing you will hear in Rave On is the sound of a gun and the second thing you will hear is a gunshot. For some reason, the video is making the rounds again. This time people seem to be having the same issues they had in the past when it first came out. I have yet to encounter this issue myself, but it is a good reminder that it is important to keep your hard earned money secure. It is with deep regret that we must announce that we will not be proceeding with the planned tour of Israel and the West Bank this year due to unforeseen scheduling problems. However, we will be returning to Europe in 2014, and plan to play as many of our live shows as possible across the United Kingdom through the end of the year. London, EnglandThe tour will be made up of two separate sets to allow for more of an extended sound check. However, we would like to assure our fans that we will be getting as close to the same set list that we did in the past. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you all soon. The PromiseAfter the release of the first trailer for Divergent last year, many movie-goers, myself included, immediately wondered to what degree the series of teen sci-fi novels by Veronica Roth would translate to the big screen. However, a few movie studios apparently have the same doubts as me. While speaking with Variety, Divergent director Joseph Kahn stated that hes not sure if the film will get made. Its hard to market because people are going to be shocked that its a movie that features teenagers. I was never a young adult fan, but I am a Divergent fan and I know what theyre going to say. If it becomes a cult film, then it becomes difficult to market.

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what celebrities live in las vegas