Being diagnosed with any type of cancer can be scary, but these famous survivors …

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You read on, only briefly, before you turn the page. You dont feel sleepy, though, and you dont care what movie is playing on TV as long as your phone is charged. You call your mom, you call your brother, you call your dad and your sister, but no answer. S okay, but your text messages dont get a response. You check your voicemail, but there is no answer. Finally you look at your phone and see an incoming call. You hesitate a moment before answering and a little hesitancy creeps into your voice when you do. The man on the other end of the phone looks surprised. You sit silent for a moment on the couch, lost in thought. S been gone now for so long it might as well be nothing. T even talk very much until he got sick. A bunch of us went to visit him in a cabin up north. S where he ended up after his first trip. Yeah, the same one he was on his first trip.

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celebrities with leukemia