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You go to the moviesYou go to the movies and watch a few things from your personal collection, like an old movie about a geeky teacher being molested in a schoolyard, and some sci-fi movie that your brother likes to re-watch. You really wish you had more things related to nerd Culture, but you cant really afford anything anymore. You go to the gymYou feel a little unwell, and rush into the gym to get some rest before your meeting with your boss tomorrow. You try to look forward to your work, or at least try to not think about how sick you are. You go to the gym and train for about a week, mostly as you always had, but you begin to notice that instead of the physical challenges you used to enjoy, your mind and your concentration are starting to suffer. You start to feel like the stress of your regular job is starting to consume your life. You feel fatigued and your concentration is failing at an alarming pace. You have no idea what your boss is up to, but you know it cant be good. You are in such a terrible state that you dont even notice when a strange man walks in the gym. He smiles and shakes your hand warmly, and the rest of your face brightens. You see that there is a second man, an older man who knows you by name. You also see that he is holding a bottle of something, but its color is so dark, you just dont know what it is. You see him wave farewell to the older man, then he turns around and walks off, in the direction of your place of work. You are not going to make it through the day without a relapse. It occurs to you that there is a way to escape this horrible situation you find yourself in. You could call in that old colleague, or you could try to persuade your boss to let you go to the hospital. You decide to go to the hospital, unless your boss says otherwise. You start to walk towards the hospital in your own mind, but then you remember that your boss is a sociopath and the truth will destroy his career no matter how much you lie. You take a deep breath and force yourself to stop being a sick nerd and make a decision. It is too late for you to change the past, so you need to live your life. You are tired of living your life as you always have, but you are also tired of dying a sick nerd, so you have to decide: Are you going to survive or just die. You see a bright light, and then everything has gone black.

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