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You are not a celebrity and you have not even had plastic surgery. You are just a woman looking for a job, and since you are female, some men have decided that you are just not right for the job and are judging you for it. How can you ignore what you have just read. The next time you get another job interview, be as convincing as possible that you have not had surgery. And dont get angry when people dont believe you – they will start to doubt your impression after a while. You start to get in touch with other women with similar stories. They give you advice on how to present yourself as convincing, how to deal with people who doubt you, how to avoid situations where somebody may ask too many questions. You are also told to stop drinking, which seems like a great idea. At this point you might have started to look like a fake, but then you learn that the situation is much different than you think. There are two kinds of people in this world; those who are fooled and those who dont even notice when they are being fooled. You are just a simple person who is fooled because of a lack of education and a naive trust in others. The first thing to do is to call attention to this situation. You have made the effort to write down your story, but nobody is listening to you. Your efforts will be wasted and you will not be able to find a job. You have a new job, but it pays less than the one you were hoping for. The managers dont seem to mind your situation, so what can you do to make them aware of your situation. You dont do itYou are not worthy to be working on the projects that will eventually pay you money. If you had only one day left to live, you would rather die. You are not worthy to be working on the projects that will eventually pay you money. You are not worthy to be working on projects that will eventually pay you money.

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