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Its a really good idea and Im actually hoping theres a reason its on all of your walls. This might be the only time you actually feel like the world isnt conspiring against you, which makes it all the more frustrating. Because you still have that feeling that the universe is out to get you, which is a lot more terrifying than the feeling that someone out to get you just wants to fuck you. Plus, theres still the fact that as much as you could use the encouragement, you still got to do this job. And you still got to see Sophia again, in whatever afterlife state she winds up in. She looks like shes about to answer, but doesnt. Then she stands up, grabs her bag, and disappears into the crowd heading home. You sigh, then head back to your desk. You flip through one of your binders in search of something more important, but find nothing of immediate interest. The only thing that catches your eye is an old photo of you and Sophia on the stairs to your house. Its old because youre not exactly sure when you took it, but given that it was taken after the end of the first semester and the start of summer, it wouldve been taken this semester, if you were just asking yourself the right question. It was a reminder of the past, but it also reminded you that it was also a reminder of the future. When you look at the photo of Sophia, it looks just like the one she gave you. You pull it out of your desk and hold it up so she can see. She looks at it, smiles, and then starts to walk out of the office. You say and point to the building in the distance, Ill text you the address later. You head to your car and drive to the address you were given. You pull over in a parking spot nearby. You take out your phone to get what you need, but not really because youre worried about getting caught and your boss going off on you, or something, but because youre very distracted by your own thoughts.

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