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Million fortune by not just singing but also dancing; both are key elements of her brand. B and hip-hop to gospel, and Man Down is one of her most popular songs. In fact, Rihannas latest release, Work, is even more soulful than her song Rude Boy. Plus, her style is often referred to as Rihanna sashay, like Rihanna sashay in a skirt Rihanna, an international icon, is also a certified diamond seller and also owns her own clothing line. Her new book, Diamonds, is a hilarious read that covers everything from her career to her love life. You know what they say, the more you knowthe more you know. 6: BeyonceBeyonce has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, won 13 Grammy Awards, and has been honored with multiple honorary doctorates. In 2012, she became the first African-American to be nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Picture category for her film The Help. 5 million price tag As an entertainer, shes also an entrepreneur with her own business empire. 5: Jennifer LopezWe dont really know who she is, but we know what she means, says former Miss International Queen Jennifer Lopez. I think people are drawn to that and are willing to go there. 160 million and has won 10 Grammy Awards. Lopez is a self-proclaimed artists artist who has sold over 35 million albums and produced more than 60 songs in her career. Lopez is an entrepreneur who founded her own cosmetics line.

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