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YouBeautiful women dont just pop up out of the blue for you. Theyve worked hard for your attention and affection. Youre not going to be a tease with a woman, but at least youre going to give her the benefit of the doubt and a chance to justify herself. You can see in your minds eye the look on Hayeks face when she learned she won the lottery. You can see her smile when she learned she scored the second best job offer in Hollywood. You can see her tears when she realized shed be living the rest of her life in Colorado. You can also see her face when she learned shed finally be free of her familys strict religious beliefs. She wont take her first step into the free world with a sad eye and her head downcast. You take the opportunity to prove you mean businessAfter much thought, you decide to play along. Hayek cant deny that you mean business and youre not going to be denied your chance to prove it. For the first time, you feel like youve actually made an effort and not just flailing about like a fish out of water. Youre not just showing her whats between your legs. Youre showing her whats in your heart. You want to prove you deserve that affection; you deserve a chance to prove your worth. After all, you are a woman, not a toy. You start by undoing her braYou sit down next to Hayek and reach across her lap to undo her bra before unzipping your pants and sliding down your pants. Once Hayek sees your erect penis, shes impressed. When you put it in her mouth, she doesnt resist. You hold her face down and push in and then slide your cock in as deep as you can go. Hayek closes her eyes to savor the feeling. You dont stop until the entirety of your member is inside of her, filling her insides. You kiss Hayek passionately, then collapse on top of her so she can straddle you, her legs wrapping around you. You pull Hayeks head up to kiss her deeply, and Hayek returns the favor. Your erection begins to drip with your semen. When you push Hayek off of you, she grabs the edge of the blanket and wraps her legs around your waist to suck your cock. She sucks until youre ready to shoot the jism into her mouth. You keep your knees around Hayeks hips and guide your cock into her mouth, which is leaking with semen. Hayek begins lapping up your semen as you keep sucking her head. Then you pull out of Hayeks mouth and spray your jism into the blankets. The last thing you do is lick off the semen off of you and Hayeks lips.

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