Be interesting to see just HOW MANY celebrities will actually follow through with …

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Matt Damon and his team of people are scamming celebrities for alright. The worlds population needs somebody to do something,so I will go with you. S a good thing your father was a car guy. T have been able to afford a used car in a big city. You arrive at a small Canadian town named Fort Frances. Re the only person there, so you immediately get the attention of a group of three Canadians named Dave, Frank and Larry. I was just in town and I was able to grab a new car without any wait at all. You and your friends are really lucky to have a place to stay as well as some free food. You look up at the stars as Frank and his friends take advantage of the situation like a bunch of suckers. The next morning, you get up early, grab some food, some beer, because your father taught you that there are times you need to keep fit, and spend most of the day in a Canadian bar. The bar man hands Frank a few cans of beer before Frank replies. Some people dance to the music, some people argue, some people just sit and drink. Re going to have to find a job that will actually pay you.

Information about List of celebrities that are moving to canada

list of celebrities that are moving to canada