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You need to put these thoughts out of your head. You try to control your powersYou are the rockstar. You need to put those thoughts out of your head, go to battle. You need to put those thoughts out of your head.

The other day, I saw the news and it was about some young teenage girls in Arkansas who brutally murdered a couple because their neighbor, who apparently was mentally retarded and thought the girls were bothering him by singing to him in his trailer, called the cops on them. I saw this news story in my newsfeed and it was so sad that there are such people in our world. So I just looked at my camera phone and started filming while I was sitting by the window. I was just looking at the people who were gathered around in their costumes, which mostly consisted of nothing but black and white stripes. My camera phone was taking pictures of the people and I just took pictures so I wouldnt lose the feeling of doing something fun like shooting something with my friend, something that wasnt my problem right now and I got my mind off of everything. After I took some pictures, I saw a car, I saw a guy, and I didnt do anything right away, I actually lost all the innocence of thatBut, it was my fault. I just did some things without thinking about it. If I was more like an angel, if I had some kind of love to another human being, maybe I would have done other things. I just wanted to do something fun so bad. There was a car that wasnt speeding and I saw a black and white striped clown-like looking guy, dressed in a clown costume walking with a woman. If I was more observant, I would have seen a man with a shotgun walking closer to the car. I see a clown walking with someone, and I feel slightly guilty and I also feel like I did something right because there seems to be a certain theme that is going on here. But I did see something I did need to do. I saw the woman jump out and run into the car. She was dressed in white while the clown was in his clown outfit. And then he looked at me and the woman and started laughing and said to me. I was also scared of this monster, because I saw a man with a shotgun in front of the car, but also he was smiling and laughing to me in a way I couldnt imagine. The clown then pointed to me and said, Hey, you like that costume. I didnt know if he was cool in a bad way or something like that.

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