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S lives if you had just been on my side when I needed someone. I used to think that you would make a really good director. There was nothing more I could do to bewilling to help you in your career. Ll do everything in my power to help them. God bless you and your familyYour loving daughter LauraIn her own handwritten note to George, Laura says that she wants to give her all to someone who really believes in her. She tells George that she really believes that he can save the world and he can help her do it. She also tells George that she thinks her mother would want her to find a place in Hollywood. S an encouraging sign that Laura is thinking about her mother. S last lines to George are a beautiful song about her lost love and dedication to her dream. After she dies, you can finally get back to what you really want: making movies. You life after deathIn the weeks after the funeral, your feelings for Laura begin to fade and you lose all feeling for her.

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celebrities with small homes