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In NYC the Spotted Pig has a special place in the hearts of hipsters. So much so that you might be surprised to learn that the Spotted Pig is in fact just the Pig and Boarder in a bigger building of the same name. According to one of the restaurant staff on Yelp, their favorite thing about the Spotted Pig is that the restaurant is open 24 hours a day and you can sit at their outdoor seating. But Im sure the best thing about the Spotted Pig is that you can get a Big Mac right by the table and still have time to watch the World Cup. The Spotted Pig has been featured in numerous publications such as The New York Times and Elle. A New York Times article titled: How to Spot a Celebrity in NYC mentions of the Spotted Pig:The Spotted Pig, located on Broadway at 46th Street, is a little off the beaten path and located in an unpretentious part of Brooklyn, but you cant get a better view of the action that is the city. Its tables and chairs are set up like a soccer field with the fans sitting in the field lines, which is sort of cute if you think about it. The Spotted Pig, like many of the restaurants on this list, is known as an upmarket place to sit, so expect to pay more than you would at your friends house party. RelatedTags: Big Macs, Big Macs in New York and other places, Big Macs in New York and Other places, Famous New York City Restaurants, Famous New York City Restaurants and their menus, New York restaurants and their menus, Spotted Pig, Spotted Pig in NYC, Spotted Pig NYC, The Spotted Pig, The Spotted Pig in NYC and the New York TimesIn the first part of our interview with the leader of the New Fascist Party, a controversial group, we spoke to Armin Ronacher. If it wasnt for the Jews, I dont think we would have been able to accomplish as much as we have so I cant praise them enough. In the first part of our interview with Armin Ronacher, a leader of the National Socialist Movement, NSM a controversial neo-Nazi group in Germany, we spoke about his upbringing in a wealthy Jewish family, his journey in the NSM, and his views on modern politics.

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