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I dont know anything about it, but Im guessing being in the film makes them more open about it. You dont participate – youre not a Satanist: Youre in this to make a living and are not going to be affected by something that cant affect you. The next day you walk into the theater feeling that you didnt make the right decision. You dont tell him, and instead you close your eyes and take a deep breathe until hes out of hearing range. The movie seems to be telling me that my friend is a witch and that shes killing people. Im going to turn away, but then Im going to come out and see what the problem is. Your friend comes out, and you see her sitting next to the director in his seat. You dont recognize her, but upon further reflection you realize its probably safe to assume shes not your friend. What makes you think that your friend is a witch. Ive studied the movie, all of which seems to show that Im right. You start to argue with your friend, but shes not listening. She just smiles at you and tells you to think of something else. You do, and before you know it you can barely speak. We can be done with it if youre not convinced. Shes not my friend, I did not invite her to the movie, she wasnt my first choice for a date and I can come up with something that shows the movie isnt a witch movie. Your friend nods, but looks more like shes considering something than agreeing. You argue that your friend is an evil person who deserves hell: You start to look for an argument to make her change her mind. You mean, you would be friends with her. She nods again, but then looks like she had something else she wanted to say.

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