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I cant believe how many A-lister actors are involved. That means more money for you, which means more money for more B-list actors. You continue to stare at the screen as its more and more difficult to focus. What the hell is the point of it all if youre not getting paid. As you stare blankly at the monitor you shake your head. Ive never been so pissed off at one time in my life, another says. You immediately get up to grab the remote so you can turn the TV back on. You do and once again you get a blank screen. You know that you need to do something else though because the televisions not turning itself on. A few of your buddies take note of this and you get up off your monitor. You open the door a bit more and look outside hoping to find that the television is on. You start walking around and then realize the door in front of you has been pushed all the way open. Hes clearly not in the mood to explain whats happening. You look aroundYou look around and try your best to get it on as many channels as you can. You watch TV like this occasionally, but this is a little more than that. You open up a couple of other computers in your room and try to turn on the internet, but it keeps saying No Internet Connection AvailableYou have no idea what this could all mean, but youd like to get back home to start figuring out what to do. Youre pretty sure youre stuck and that this is all a big mistake. One of your roommates seems to be in a similar mood as you are, so you get him some soda water and some ice so you can help each other stay hydrated. Can you bring me some food to last me the night. You ask the friend who youre watching TV with. He seems a little hesitant, but he nods and heads to his room to get you some fruit snacks. You follow, and while hes trying to open up the drawer in the front of.

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