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User Info: Trelik Trelik 3 years ago 7 Yeah this game takes the concept of doing quests and gives you a great system to play with. I have the option to go to a few places in different times to see a few different types of people. S a waste of my time if I just see the same thing over and over. The first area I went to with my new character, I was bored straight away. T look intimidating enough to intimidate someone in general. I was just waiting for the fight to start or some sort of confrontation. I was standing with some guards with guns when they saw me. I pointed my foot back as if to say I was being polite, and then the guards took my headshot to the leg. T help me get the hell out of there. T do the right thing when they shot me. I was getting to the fourth area when I finally had an opportunity to get in touch with my old gang; at which point I was pretty pissed at them. I was about to shoot the headcrab that bit me, when I noticed that a mutant had been trying to bite me in the ass. I had to use my other hand and stop myself from punching it in the face. I was then interrupted when I saw a bunch of guards marching past me. T earned the right to play with a toy like that, so get out of here.

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