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You scroll down until you see a link labeled CelebritiesThats it. Its a long article, but you try to skim it, but you cant. It goes into great detail about some of his celebrities. Then he goes on to talk about the rest of the celebrities in the newspaper that were killed in the previous days, even mentioning where they were killed. When hes done, you can barely contain your emotions. You stay calmYou need to stay calm. Your head is a very dangerous place, and its been getting more so since your powers manifested. And if you really freak out, it might even hurt the person youre trying to help. Youve tried to calm yourself down before, but it seems like it works only temporarily, unless you keep trying to talk yourself out of it. Ll just try to do my best. You say, trying to keep your mind at ease. You quickly go about your task of searching for information on who did it, just in case it was the cops. After you find it, you read through the article again. Then you go through his list again. There are a few names that jump to mind, especially that of that gang member you saw. Oh he gets a lot of shit from the authorities when he runs into trouble, and he tends towards being violent. Re just doing their job though, because of course the city will do its best to make things like this go away. T expect to find someone like him in the area either, I guess the police might have done a better job of finding him. You take your time going through his list and come up with a few ideas. M going to go with the first name and see if I find him anywhere on this list.

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autopsies of celebrities