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First of all you must know some kind of autistic personality is absolutely necessary for your success. You must have the courage to make yourself more selfish. People often underestimate the ability of celebrities with autism to make good decisions. S still not a form of spectrum disorder. S the form of spectrum disorder common to all autistic people. S a term invented by the media to make fun of people with autism. You wonder how they managed to be in a band together. Youre not a fan of pop music and you dont go to concerts, but you have seen them perform. Youve seen them on stage in front of a packed house. They play in a little tent on the set of an ABC show. They play games and dance until the early morning hours. Youve tried to imagine yourself as one of these celebrities. Its not difficult, you think you look like them. They all have long hair, youve always wondered how they do it. Youve always wondered if you could be one of them. Re driving with a friend and you see a celebrity with long hair.

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