Austin Butler Reveals Why the Debate About His Voice Makes Him Self Conscious

Austin Butler is having a hard time getting rid of the voice he adapted to portray Elvis Presley on the big screen.

The 31-year-old Elvis star’s voice has been a topic of conversation since the movie premiere. He even joked about it while hosting Saturday Night Live back in December.

He opened up about his voice during a recent interview.

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During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Austin admitted that he was feeling self conscious about the discussion about his voice because he was worried he might be putting on a front.

Then he came to a realization that his voice has simply matured when compared to the clips people are using from his childhood.

Austin also wondered if he did damage to his voice while portraying Elvis.

“From all the singing, I probably have destroyed my voice a bit,” he explained. “You know my vocal chords, it’s a lot raspier now.”

Either way, Austin‘s role in the movie landed him a major nomination at the 2023 Academy Awards.

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