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He might look a little awkward in a room of guys, but hed do better than most. Ill bet you a bottle of Jack Daniels youll be fine with someone of any color, even as a guy. Ill bet an acre of good quality cottonseed youll do better than most of those. The next five days are a blur of work and meetings. You and Andrew cut a deal on some land and buy it out from the church. Then Andrew asks you to help him with his business. He says he wants to make a movie and he needs help in creating a script. Andrew tells you he knows a producer and a director. You agree with Andrew to meet with the latter two on the Monday. T let your guard down and answer right away. Amanda and Andrew both insist that your relationship is very important and there is no sense in you messing things up now. You hang up and call Andrew back. You continue to be cautious and answer right away. Ve accepted to meet with them and they seem to be more friendly to you. You decide to go see them on Monday. Monday comes and you go to meet Andrew and Amanda and find the two of them very nice people. Andrew seems to have a lot of information about your relationship issues. He tells you that he has seen Amanda do a lot worse things than talking too much about you. He also says that you should let him help you with some of your business issues. He even mentions about being able to get you a movie deal. Ll handle the movie and the producerdirector information later. Andrew tells you that a lot of this is a personal thing and that he has no intention on hurting your feelings or any other feelings you might have for him.

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