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Asian Americans Reject Anti Asian-American Poems. The Newly Warned Asians And Anti-Asians, Atheists, Misanthropes, etc. And finally,And finally, I want to highlight the fact, that while the above-mentioned issues are indeed serious, it is important to recognize that we are not the villains of our own story. We are merely victims of those who would do us harm, either through lack of moral fiber or blind hate or both. We should not be ashamed of who we are any longer, but rather, we should embrace it. But rather, we must love ourselves. We must embrace who we are and live our lives. You are not a Liar, You are a HeroYou have been warned. You are a hero indeed and you will remain so. He thinks hes tough, but no, hes not tough. Im just going to keep doing what Im doing. Ive been telling people like Bob I think maybe there is going to be a change. Ive just been trying to keep a little more awake. As the last of the days work is done here at Mayday, the two of you eat breakfast and then go back to your room. You spend a few minutes talking as you walk, but youre still pretty tired. You reach your room and lay down on your bed, closing your eyes and drifting off. As you drift off, you mentally ask yourself how you are going to explain this to Bob. Maybe you could say that you think you should remain in office to preserve the peace, but that you feel that the President should have a good time with his girlfriends a lot more. You continue to talk to BobYou dont need to tell Bob that you feel this way. He knows the reason why you are worried. As you sleep, the weight of your worries begins to sink in. As you drift into bed, you close your eyes and just think about how it has been the middle of the night for weeks. The next night is Thursday, and it is time to go out for the last time.

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