As you can see in the photo above, after recently turning 18-years-…

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You continue to speak and your words are getting more incoherent as the days and weeks pass; the more you talk the more its apparent why you can barely see. You continue to speakTo your surprise, your words have an effect on your hearing. You immediately hear your voice in your head, and you can clearly understand the words you just said. I cant believe you guys are all idiots like this; You wouldnt even make an effort at any of those things if you thought there was any possibility of a good outcome. You people are an embarrassment to humanity and you deserve nothing but pain and suffering. You will all die and your planet will burn because of you. Thats it, lets do it, you say, I need this. Kelso looks at you like you just insulted him, but he doesnt argue, he just says a few reassuring things to you. Then he walks over to the table holding his arms out and starts chanting something. You stop what youre doing, look at him, and say, No, this cant be real, this cant be. The true master is coming to our world soon to wipe out the rest of you losers. You will all survive, but only when I summon him will you have true strength. You will need to sacrifice, you will need to work, you will need to go out into the world and try to find survivors, find a way to protect yourselves. Even now you should be thinking about how you are going to defend yourselves. You can feel yourself getting quieter and quieter, even the buzzing in your ear is becoming a quiet buzzing instead of the insane chirping you were experiencing up until now. I will make preparations now, then you will all ready yourselves for the task ahead. You say, trying not to sound too excited about any of this. So we meet at the appointed time, to fight together for the Emperor. You shake your head, No, we all need to be ready now, not tomorrow or even next year. I need you all to give yourselves completely to.

Article about Nide celebrities

nide celebrities