As voting in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary inches closer by the day…

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Youre starting to wonder if youre about to be the only one to vote this time, you may be at a disadvantage due to that recent vote, but then again your opponent is already a candidate who has a lot of name recognition. You take a risk and voteAll you can do is hope this one goes as planned, then you can rest easy that it wont be you who is put in the middle of a political slugfest in 2020. While you may not like Trumps politics, but you have to admit that hes at least been effective at keeping the country safe from some of the worst terrorist threats the world has ever faced. You look at your watch, and you have only a few more minutes until you have to leave this office and go vote. You have two choices though, do you want to stay long enough to cast your ballot in the presidential primary or could you just cast your ballot for Jill Stein or someone else. You cast your ballot for TrumpThe problem with casting a vote for Hillary or Jill Stein is that youd be doing it for them, in the form of your vote, and you cant do that, so youd be actually wasting your vote. So you head out the door and cast your vote for Trump, and thats when you notice something odd. As youre leaving your front door, you see a couple individuals in black suits in a nearby hallway. They walk towards you, and you see theyre holding something. It appears to be a large rectangular box and its the size of your entire front lawn. At first, you think theyve dropped off some sort of package somewhere. What you dont know is that theyve made a delivery of something else. They hand you a gun, which you look at, and notice its semi-automatic mode, with a red trigger. You grab it, then the door suddenly slams open and the men drop to the floor. You hear a few gunshots and then silence. You stand up slowly as you take a second to take in the situation before you. You quickly realize that you are no longer dressed in your school uniform. All youre wearing now is a black thong and a short-sleeved blouse which shows a fair amount of cleavage. Then you notice that one of the men holding a gun is pointing it at you. You look to your left and see a dark-skinned Hispanic man in his.

Article about Black celebrities voting for trump

black celebrities voting for trump