As a general term, androgyny refers to someones ability to switch genders…

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Youve grown used to such labels in the past, but never before as a label for yourself. You take a deep breath, exhaling it as you step back, and take a few steps forward. You feel your heart skip a beat, as you catch yourself in time. But once you do, you feel your chest grow hot. The lights dim and youre plunged into a darkness so deep that you start to hear the shuffling of feet. You turn to see shadows moving up and down the catwalk, as if someone is slowly raising the stage to get a better look at you. You wake upYour eyes feel like theyre burning, as they blink open. And you see the small light thats supposed to be your bed. Your heart fills with pain, as you know what this means: youre not a celebrity anymore. You try to move, but nothing happens. You feel like you could die at anytime, and if you did, youd never be able to go back into this bed. A familiar womans voice: the one that has been in the background of your dreams all the time. As if from the inside of your eyelids, a familiar face fills your vision: yours. Your heart leaps up, and you stand up. Yes, I know that you can sense me, thats what Im here for. Ive been visiting you in the dream world for years. I was going back to the day that you joined the organization. I can help you unlock your hidden potential. You start to feel cold all over. Youre not cold, but youre afraid of it. This person is giving you information that you cant even consider taking seriously.

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