As a general term, androgyny refers to someones ability to switch …

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Jpg alt-There has always been a part of me which wondered why I was even bothering to go down this path, but at that moment I just couldnt take it any more. I knew that my time as a man was finally coming to an end. I didnt even know when it was, or if I even would, but it was coming eventually and this was the perfect opportunity to make the most of it. She grew up as a conservative evangelical Christian family and so even she had to admit, feminism had some good points. However she had one major concern with the feminist movement as a whole. I mean, Ive seen how the gay rights movement has been used to attack Christian homes and businesses. I dont understand some of the so-called radical views many on the left hold as well, but then I suppose Im not as radical as those on the right because Im more of a moderate myself. Still, I understand people have different beliefs and have to live with them and I understand that sometimes people need to change their minds anyway. She then proceeded to explain to me exactly why she was voting for Trump. Im trying to put my faith and all of Gods good plan in action here. Trump is the only one who can bring peace and calm to this country. He is going to bring jobs back to this country and bring manufacturing back to this country. He will put those little Islamic terrorists in their place. He will stop all this illegal immigration and make America safe once again. He will keep the gays out of the military if he can. He will protect our borders and from those that wish us harm. I got a little teary eyed listening to her, and for a brief moment I was able to take in the whole thing from her point of view. I have to admit, it sounded like a lot of what I was taught about the Bible, and as I was still trying to be open minded, I listened without conviction. I thought about what my sister was telling me and I started to wonder. I mean, I was raised in a family where religion was the center of the entire community. I grew up believing that if we all just followed the rules, God or some higher being would have our best interest. I was never the kind to question something because why should I. Then I lived my own life and even after I joined the military, I didnt question the religion that provided what I was provided. It was just a system that I was forced to follow that provided for me.

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