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Re in a small town, and the only other people are the police and a couple of other citizens milling about in a police line. One of them, a tall woman with wavy brown hair and a stern expression, is calling out to you as she leads the way through a side street. M Doctor Kessel, and this is my partner, Officer Egan, she says, as you both move along. We can call you Doctor and Officer, if you like, Egan adds. The Doctor is Doctor Kessel, and the rest of us are just passing through. The pair of them stop in front of a few houses, and Egan opens a gate to let you through. This way, he says, before following you down a narrow alleyway. You pass a couple of parked cars, and then a man in a dark leather jacket is sitting in a small stone building, looking down from his window at a dark alleyway. The pair of you make a U-turn, enter the building, and then find yourself in a room full of shelves filled with herbs. On one shelf sits a single plant, a small, greenish-yellow plant that looks remarkably like a weed, but with much bigger leaves. S very fragile and seems to be quite rare. M sure you love this plant, the doctor says. Well, since you asked so nicely, are you willing to help us get a small shipment of it. S a large shipment coming back to the city. We need to fill in some holes, and make sure their is enough of them to make the proper medicines. T have any holes that we need filled that badly, you say. Re sure to have enough holes after we fill up the last two shipments, you just need to help us plant the small plant. Well if we accept this offer, we could plant this plant, and help you with holes in your garden, in.

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