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Because of their impetuous but determined nature, its not surprising to see so many famous Aries women who channel their passionate creativity into areas like.

In the spirit of female independence and independence day, here are 10 celebs and actresses who like to dress to the beat of their own musical drum. And dont forget to check out our complete celeb guide for 2013. Gwyneth PaltrowGetty ImagesGetty ImagesIve been singing since I was five. Ive always been a songwriter its where I get my energy. BeyoncGetty ImagesGetty ImagesIts not about me being a singer, its about the inspiration I get from the singer. Emma WatsonGetty ImagesGetty ImagesI try and keep to as simple a wardrobe as possible. I try and keep my clothes in the same place all the time. Christina AguileraGetty ImagesGetty ImagesI dont wear a lot of heels. I think thats why I can feel my best on stage. I like to get into the music thats where my energy is at. Halle BerryGetty ImagesGetty ImagesI try and keep to a very simple, basic look and then, when Im on stage, Ill be like, Lets go crazy, lets have fun. I dont try or think about what Im going to wear. Jennifer LopezGetty ImagesGetty ImagesIve always worn the same clothes. Ive always been dressing in suits since I was a teenager. The whole process of trying to get into those clothes is fun. Jennifer LopezGetty ImagesGetty ImagesIts not about me being a singer, its about the inspiration I get from the singer. People can say whatever they want to say about it, but I like it. Im not trying to be a superstar, Im just trying to be a great singer. Halle BerryGetty ImagesGetty ImagesI like to stay away from the sparkly stuff. I like to be very comfortable in my own skin.

Amy Adams, Aries, She is a powerful force, but never over-cautious or over-emotional; shes just too kind, too loyal, and too full of emotion and love to ever be an angry person. Rachel McAdams, Aries, When Rachel McAdams was in high school, she realized she had more in common with her best friend than her father. With the help of a mentor, she began her professional journey in which she gained a voice in Hollywood. Now, she continues her advocacy for women and children around the world through her work in The Good Wife as well as her ongoing roles in films, television, and Broadway. Emily Blunt, Aries, Shes got the sweetest, most authentic demeanor, and her eyes light up with a little girls sparkle and joy when she laughs. Emily is also a gifted actor who always takes her work very seriously and strives to produce a high level of performance. Natalie Portman, Aries, This talented actress can hold her own in front of a camera, but thats not why she is an Aries. Shes smart, witty, and knows how to make people around her feel at ease. Hilary Swank, Scorpio, Hilary was always a strong-willed and independent leader. As a rising star, she was known for doing things her own way. Then, she decided to go for it and become the youngest Oscar winner in history. Gwyneth Paltrow, Capricorn, She is the queen of all things gourmet; she is a gourmet, and shes made a killing with her celebrity chef lifestyle. Gwyneths all-natural approach to health and wellness is a big reason why shes a very happy, healthy, and successful woman. Scarlett Johansson, Libra, Shes no doubt the best actress Ive ever seen; this isnt a knock, I just love her and the whole movie. Natalie Portman, Aries, She is gorgeous, talented, and a consummate professional. She has also inspired a whole generation of young women and men.

This article about Aries celebrities female

aries celebrities female