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A faster than a normal person, and more so. The only cure for this disease is death, but Im going to show you a way to escape from this. If you dont trust me, you cant escape. For a while, I even thought it might be possible to fix these celebrities as you told me. I mean, if I could stop their bad habit, maybe I could stop their addiction. You stop himFor all he knows, you could be a drug dealer. A lot of celebrities have said horrible things about your work. A lot of people need help to get over their addiction. You should be glad they are looking for this help rather than staying trapped in their addiction. Just think about the children that the celebrities are killing because they are addicted to drugs. You start to help himHow am I supposed to be helping him if I dont trust the first person I have ever met about my business. Youre telling me you really think that Im going to trust and help the guy who murdered me. You are still loyal to your former friend. I guess I should be too Sigh, Damn it, you should have just told me to fuck myself. Well alright, you should have told me to fuck myself but I should have been nicer to you. Well Im not really sure what to do. I mean, I guess I could ask him out on a date, but I doubt if I would have the balls to actually go through with it, plus I dont know if Im even that good looking to him. You dont really have a choice but to just go along with it, but you feel like you should decline. You continue to watch as the two of them talk as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

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