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Just another random thing that happened last night. Its been a pleasure and a lot of fun for me to do this with you. I cant thank everyone enough for this little thing we did last night. I will always remember this time we had together and your friendship always will be the main reason why Im still sane and can keep this website and social networking thing going. Ill always remember you all, even if you all dont remember me. No more messages when you log onto Facebook during the day anymore. The only thing that you still feel as though is a little weird is the occasional phone calls, but you deal with them with a smile on your face and a Hi, how are you. You still see a lot of the old faces and are still friends with a lot of them, but nothing as strong as before. You realize that maybe you were just a bit too close to a few people, and maybe if you stuck to yourself a little more sometimes you wouldnt have gotten upset over it. You also realize that the friendship you had with your parents never died, and its a good relationship you have and youre still very close to them. You know how lucky you were to have them in your life. But you are also happy here now, and thats what counts. So, you go to bed happy every night, and thats when you have to wake up happy too. The man who said he was attacked by white supremacists at a Virginia baseball park has backed away from his initial claim that there were seven white guys and a dark skinned guy. Mark Fields, a 28-year-old writer for the white nationalist website The Daily Stormer, told The Washington Post on Tuesday that he was mistaken in his description of the men, who he said were actually six black men, and that two of them were wearing helmets. He also said that he doesnt actually consider himself a white nationalist and was only trying to describe what he saw. I have no idea what the hell I am talking about, he said. I dont even think there are such things as white supremacists. ADVERTISEMENTThe last few days have been so surreal, he said.

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