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Alex Jones, which is more than ironic since you made the movie to try to discredit anti-vaxxers. This is the movie that was re-booted as a way to undermine the vaccine skeptics. And it wasnt a remake, this was the original movie, This might not be the end of it, as you might get sued, and even though you can probably write a check to prove you didnt do anything wrong, you wouldnt want to be in the situation where you had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get your name cleared, and that might take a while if you want to keep this job. Plus you dont want to get into another situation like Jenny who ended up getting fired because people found out about her links to the anti-vaxxers. You need to do something before you find yourself in one of these unfortunate situations. I think Ill do the anti-vaxxing thing, you say to yourself. You hire a private investigator to follow JennyIn the meantime, youre going to do something really foolish and try to find out if Jenny is actually behind this. You hire a private investigator to follow JennyYou tell your friend that you need to spend some money and hire a private investigator to catch Jenny, even though you know that shes not behind everything You have the private investigator follow JennyYouve been doing a lot of reading on the Internet lately, and you find that Jenny is pretty much always linked to the anti-vaxx movement. There are a lot of posts attacking her, and you find some of them to be libelous but shes also the central figure in a website called JTRIG that is supposedly a shadowy organization hellbent on causing discord by hacking into peoples computers and posting information about them. On first glance, JTRIG sounds a lot like the NSA, but its been around for over a decade now and seems to have grown into a bigger problem these days. You hire the private investigator of your choice for protectionYou decide to take things a step further. You hire a private investigator named Mr. Ripley, and hes happy to help your cause. You visit Ripley for some adviceIt may be a little odd for you to visit a private investigator, but you really feel like Ripley is the best one for this. You want to find out exactly whats going on so you can defend yourself if called on it. It will also let you spend time in Ripleys apartment. You talk to Ripley about the caseYou visit Ripley. He tells you that he used to work with the police and is familiar with all the places she goes to.

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anti vaxxer celebrities