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Ellen Page has even criticized Geena Montana who wore a G-string while in Pleasure and Pervy. Ellen Page was justifyd her actions by claiming that Geena was an anti-gay celeb.

So are the LGBT people actually good people. While you are at it, you check your phone. S sister has sent him a bunch of text messages. Then you see the screen displaying the text messages. The screen reads:I was thinking about you at the time, I was in love with you. Ve been better than a baby out of wedlock. Ve slept with a younger woman who would have been the perfect wife for you. T have left had you made me stay. I think you realize I was a fucking idiot for thinking you were such a good woman. Ve been better if you just left me. S not looking good right now. Re doing any of this for the rest of your life. T even know what to say to those last messages but they definitely bring you to your knees.

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