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This is all a little confusing, Im not entirely sure how to react to this. I am an expert on Boston, I know it so well. Im getting married this weekend to someone from Boston. The man seems to look at his watch, he continues to look at me, as one thing after another hits me as if I was a roller coaster that kept getting higher and higher. I mean arent you in one of the many cities that is known for having celebrities. Arent there more famous people here. Well dont worry, were not really famous in Boston. Ah yes, its a very humble beginning to your relationship with me. Well, I have to go now, but I will see you on Saturday night. I should probably go too, but you can stay. No, I think you should stay for the wedding. I look at the man, who looks back at me with a slight smile. I have been caught in a lie, but it will be up to me to decide which one. With my decision made I walk away from this man. Hes actually not nearly as bad as I thought he would be. I have been walking along a sidewalk, where at least a few cars are still going by. As I make my way along this street, it is almost as if Im alone. As I look at everything around me for any sign of trouble or danger. I finally start noticing one man walking a few steps behind me. The closer I get to him, the bigger and more noticeable he is. He doesnt seem like he is trying to be sneaky or that he knows something about me. He just seems like he is very happy to be by himself. I should be able to catch up with him by the end of the street. I start to get a little bored of the quiet street, so I decide to start talking to him. Why would you need my help.

Article about Celebrities that live in boston

celebrities that live in boston