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Did you have any questions or anything that got left out. 13 Your Name:Your answer:You, as far as I can tell, are correct. Celebrities are people and just because you have a certain profession it doesnt mean they are going to love you. I cant speak for other professions, but as far as I know, that is true. I would say the most bizarre thing about celebrities that Ive noticed is that there is a general dislike for the public perception of being a celebrity. Most people Ive talked with think its a bad thing. I do get negative comments sometimes, especially from strangers, but generally I avoid the conversation until the person is a bit more cordial and in some cases even friendly towards me. Most of those comments are about fame and how Im going to hell if I dont get out of this life. The odd thing is, as far as I know, celebrities are not punished by God in any way for their career choice. Im guessing its just their choice because there has never been a single report of any such thing. You also mention that you see celebrities buying different clothes sometimes even if it is the same brand. That is probably because they will sometimes just grab a shirt with some clothes they like better and not look at the rest of the items. You also mention that sometimes celebrities go to different stores. I have never really gone into a particular store too much when I was living in the city since I had my own place and it was convenient but I do remember going to several stores to pick up books and music CDs from the same store. You have also mentioned that you saw celebrities shopping at the store where you worked once. So there are certainly some people that Ive seen buying clothing or other goods from the store that I worked at for the most part. I had a friend of mine that worked at the store and during my breaks I remember her taking me into the store, after me, to show me the different brands of items in the store. I remember she would ask me what I thought of them and when I said I didnt really care about them, she would tell me to buy as many as I wanted since I was going to be buying them. I dont remember how long I had been there before someone who was working there came out and told me that I should leave since I was not on company time and I should take my lunch break. As far as celebrities shopping in L, I have never really heard any news about it for lack of anything to talk about, and Ive also never really been to L, so I dont know if I will ever go.

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where do celebrities shop