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Answer to While contracting celebrities to endorse a companys brand adds to the competitive power of its product offering v. CompletedYou finish what you started in your inbox and then open your email again. There is an audio file of Trump on a pre-recorded speakerphone. The only difference is that his voice is distorted and his speech is slurred. The Trump character sounds like someone who is very upset and the recording goes on about how TheDonald needs to clean up its act. Listen, Im not just saying this for the sake of saying this, but TheDonald needs to start cleaning this shit up. S like we go on for like twenty minutes. This is what happens to these motherfuckers when they fuck up. He hangs up and a manic smile appears on his face. It makes your stomach turn, though not nearly as much as some of the stuff youve seen him post. Maybe we could just break up. Ve been doing it my whole life. M not fucking giving this shit up. S different shit if you get divorced. I mean we need to be on the right fucking side of history, man. S fucking out the fucking country on both sides of the fucking aisle. This is one of the few good years there have been in decades.

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while contracting with celebrities to endorse