Angela Levin: Duchess Meghan is a difficult woman compared to supportive Camilla

One of the common themes in how British commentators speak and write about the Duchess of Sussex is that Meghan was somehow always going to be a “problem” because of her family background, meaning Meghan’s parents are divorced. This… is pretty stupid and offensive, not least because both Prince Harry and Prince William are the products of one of the most contentious and well-publicized divorces in British history. I bring this up because that old dingbat Angela Levin basically said that the Duchess of Cornwall is somehow superior to Meghan because Camilla’s family was more stable. That, and Camilla doesn’t try to be clever like Meghan. Hm.

A royal biographer has said that Meghan Markle could learn from how the Duchess of Cornwall has navigated life in the public eye, despite the abuse she received at the start of her relationship with Prince Charles. Angela Levin, a royal commentator and author of several biographies of senior members of the family, spoke to GB News today after the Her Majesty gave her blessing for Camilla to become Queen Consort when Prince Charles ascends the throne. In an interview with Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster, she compared the Duchess of Cornwall to Prince Philip in his commitment to the Queen and her duties.

‘When she’s with Prince Charles, she takes a backwards step and she’s there to support him rather like Prince Philip was,’ Angela said. ‘She doesn’t try to interfere, she doesn’t try to outsmart him, or rush ahead and shake hands with whoever is there. But she has opened up during the pandemic with loads and loads of Zoom calls, talked to people, and she’s got this great sense of humour and they have warmed to her. The public has seen her in a way that they never have before. She works incredibly hard and I think the Queen feels quite rightly that she justifies it.

‘She’s also never complained about anything, from the time she was most disliked, before she married Prince Charles, people were attacking her in every possible way. She never complained and just got on with her life quietly, she stayed in her home for months on end because she couldn’t face the nastiness. But she never blamed anybody and never tried to win people round, she just waited. I believe she felt that if you give people time, “They will see what I’m like and then they can make up their minds”.’

Presenter Eamonn responded to say that it was a gradual build-up of her reputation, and after experiencing the abuse for circumstances around the start of Camilla’s relationship with Prince Charles, she has ‘come out of the other side’. Asking Angela if she thinks there is a lesson in Camilla’s story for the Duchess of Sussex, the royal biographer describes Meghan as a ‘very different personality.’

She continued: ‘Camilla comes from a solid background, she had parents who loved each other and brought her up in a very easy way. I think that the Duchess of Sussex needs to prove herself non-stop. She takes on everything she possibly can because she needs to be out there in the front. She’s not somebody who wants to work as a team, where Camilla doesn’t want to put herself out in the front. She [Meghan] has to win, and we’ve seen that with all these legal charges, very very difficult woman I think.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s profoundly disturbing to me that in the year of lord Beyonce 2022, there are still people going on public airways and praising women for making themselves smaller, for not using their voices, for not being “smarter” than men. And in the same breath, smearing women of color as “difficult” because they’re competent, intelligent, diligent and hard-working. Meghan is “not somebody who wants to work as a team” – except she was in an ensemble TV show and her coworkers loved her. The only people who ever complained about her were the nasty British keensters who were triggered by the very thought of working for a Black woman. And the whole “solid background” thing – I guess if your parents got divorced, you’re never going to be normal… according to Angela Levin.

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