Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis and Pia Wurtzbach are a few of the female Filipino …

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Im not going to deny that the majority of Filipinos are Filipinos no matter how much you love your country. Im not going to deny that there are indeed a lot of Filipinos who enjoy singing about love and having a glass of wine with their bae instead of taking care of the country. Well the music they do enjoy is just as good and in my eyes better. I know some of you are probably going to tell me that they are just too different to appreciate the same music so they just enjoy something different. Im not going to argue with that because I am not a musicologist who studies musical preferences. Music appreciation is personal and I respect that enough to not let other peoples biases dictate my own. My point is, what do you guys like. Lets discuss and lets keep it civil of course, I dont want to listen to the same song or movie over and over again. I love the music you guys like, and the music Filipinos like, lets discuss Also, do you feel the need to defend your culture. If so, I would like to argue that you arent a real Filipina because you still love music made in the Philippines regardless of its origins and quality. I get the urge to defend my culture sometimes because Im pretty insecure. LONDON, Reuters, – The new chairman of Lloyds Banking Group, LLOY. L, has told staff his firm will not become complacent after the bank set off new fears about the health of Britains biggest lender. Lloyds Banking Group Limited Chief Executive Antonio Horta-Osorio arrives at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London Janu. REUTERSAndrew WinningAntonio Horta-Osorio, appointed chairman and chief executive in November, told staff during a call on Wednesday the bank would hold its fire even as the Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS. L, said it expected a moderate drop in UK lending growth this year. L, were both less pessimistic, but Lloyds said it expected UK.

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