And when its a celebrity who dies in a plane crash, …

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You say with sadness in your voice and head out the door. But you do see her again on the morning of Ma. You leave the facilityYou stay at the house for weeks. S being kept in, but eventually you decide to leave the facility. You leave on the morning of Friday, March 16 and arrive in Toronto that evening. You make the long journey back without incident. S much different than the one you knew. You try to imagine what life might have been like there. You still die, but your death is more contained in a way. Re kept alive only so that you can enjoy your life with your new family. You can travel and travel and never know boredom again. Your time in Toronto is not without its dangers though. You make friends with some old coworkers that are also survivors and spend most of your time playing cards with them, talking about the old days and generally getting along. You say to yourself as the last of the darkness has finally been banished from your soul. You think as you lie down in your bed and fall asleep. The next day, you wake up and decide youll wait a day or so and see what happens. You spend the next few days in your room as you wait and notice that the world itself has slightly changed. S a new air about it now, and its quite a shock to your system. However, the next time you go to sleep, you wake up before dawn. Re still waiting out the remaining daylight hours, but you feel sick. S almost as if a terrible virus has been in your system. You feel weaker, your eyesight is affected, you can hear sounds in the distance that.

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celebrities that died in plane crashes