And it will tell you your fate based on your eyes…

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Pantheon,and a couple of famous people with YIN negative eyes. And they can tell you in which way. My eyes are neither blue, nor green, nor any color you could possibly imagine. You lieNo, I was just born with no true eyes at all. I was born with the exact opposite of all the colors of the rainbow. You thank themYou hold up a small thank you. You walk around your house for a while and think about your predicament. Do you just let these strangers decide what to do. No, its your choiceNo, I dont know what to do. Its not going to be that complicated, as far as you know these people have no power to do anything. Youre an average person, and they dont really have much power either. They just want to help you out of the kindness of their hearts. Well how do you want to proceed then. You dont answer immediately, deciding to just go along with the flow. Okay then, if you go into the forest in the north-eastern portion of the village, and look all around, you should find a small group of people gathering around something strange and green. Im going to die of hunger, and then my entire family will be dead. If I find a fucking exit Im going to go and eat them. Youll go eat them, then youll be able to eat them without feeling hungry later. The man looks at you, waiting for you to answer. You go find some foodYeah, go find some food for us. You can find the food for us that easily and without any problem. You head off into the forest, towards the north. You have no idea what youre going to find, but you think its going to be edible.

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