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But Rebekka Armstrong is the worst of them: a:fat: overweight. :As you write all this, youre not even trying to be funny, youre just angry. Rebekka is in her mid-thirties, shes got a small build, her body features a noticeable amount of cleavage. S not even muscular, just plain chunky in every other way. S got big, thick thighs and a small waist. S got the body of a cheerleader, but her face and her eyes look like they could tear a hole in you with a kick. She has tiny, wide eyes with small, pointy ears. S wide enough that it sticks out just enough to cause people to immediately say fatty. T lost any weight despite having a much higher than average body fat percentage. Some of them are downright disgusting, like the ones with the big heads, big titties and lots of skin, and the ones with the small heads and small titties and small bodies. In fact, most, if not all the women are a combination of every undesirable attribute except body fat. You sigh heavily and shake your head. M trying to think of a positive comparison here.

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