And both liberals and conservatives will use gendered critiques of both feminists …

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Now, I could go on at some length about the feminist problem. What Ive been doing lately is calling it the gay problem. A gay problem due to the fact that feminists have a lot of female gay supporters. They cant have the guys doing all the heavy lifting, can they. I can imagine that if someone told me a few years ago that the gay community were going to have a big problem with the fact that a lot of their male allies were sexually and physically abusing other men, I wouldve thought they were talking about fucking unicorns. The gay community have been the most successful at being feminists. Ive noticed this with groups of people more than companies. Nowadays, Ive noticed the same thing happening with gender groups. The transgender cause is taking over most of the feminist causes. Ive even seen some gay feminists joining in, but they hardly matter and its a drag. Its just so annoying to have to listen to the same crap being spouted by a bunch of lesbians. If it wasnt feminism that was the problem with the gay community, I wouldve thought it was the fact that most of them are male. Thats why they dont have any feminists supporting them. They need a lot more women than men in the movement. Now Ive started pointing these problems out to feminists and Ive also started getting them to listen, and that gets irritating at first, because theyve been whining about being oppressed with no help from the other side, now they suddenly complain because some feminists are pointing out that they have a problem that is in some ways equal to theirs. Its like a child whining about not getting his favourite ice cream. You can see that she does realize that its wrong, but shes too damned attached to her ice cream. The thing is, I think its about time that we started taking the side that isnt female. Feminists are always saying how theyre the only ones who understand the gender issues and all, but I dont see the gender issues. Like I said, Ive been saying this for years. What I mean by that is Ive noticed that these feminists tend to be liberal and gay and so on and so forth. Now Ive already pointed out the gay problem, but the feminists are even worse when it comes to feminists. They think theyre so much more enlightened than us genderists. Its like they think were all some closeted dyke. Its so pathetic, because they dont even have a feminist cause. What I think that it is necessary to do is to make our own feminist cause.

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