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This isnt just a male dominated world, it is one with strong gender roles. If equality was truly true, if women could actually BE equal to men, they wouldnt even have to put up with one minute of every hour being spent pretending to be something else. This sort of thinking is a very dangerous one indeed, because its very easy to confuse equality with what its not: actual equality. Men AND women may not look alike, or sound alike, or think alike, but that doesnt mean theyre any less equal. However, one thing that they are NOT equal in is the fact that were both in the physical and emotionalmental condition of our bodies right now. What we do in the bedroom, or on the internet or in the real world or whatever, is not our work, isnt the sole reason why men or women domakeor do not do certain things, its not the only thing that makes a person good or bad or whatever, but its something that does play a role, even when the rest of our lives are nothing but the act of performing this one specific action. Youll never hear me say that women are naturally more nurturing or hardworking or whatever than men, because I KNOW as soon as those labels start being thrown around, many women will be quick to try to prove how better they are in every area, while men are quick to try to prove how less bad they are. And even if it is true that theyre better at some things, that doesnt make them less human, and doesnt make them any less equal. I could write a whole other essay about this, and you could re-read the previous ones multiple times and read through ALL the different arguments and arguments against us, because this is one more aspect of our lives that people are always trying to deny and prove, but I wont do it because Im tired. Im tired of being told, and sometimes being forced, to take something that I am, something that I have a right to be and something that I am fully capable of achieving on my own terms without needing to constantly be reminded every 5 minutes that I am NOT equal to you. Im tired of being told that I am not equal to you, because I am not strong enough, or smart enough, or strong enough, or tough enough, or beautiful enough, or whatever, and.

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