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No, shes not, shes a very talented and decent person, but the fact is that she uses her fame and power to take advantage of vulnerable people who dont know any better. As for you, you know quite a few people who arent charlatans and many of them still give good honest feedback about their experiences of being on the internet, but most of those people arent willing to give you their advice about what to do next, not after you did some of the following, of course you wouldnt have, you would have taken it. You continueThe comments section:So this was fun, but youre not interested in Randis advice. You just want to talk about the show in her own words. Youll have to do a couple more things first. You continueYou ask Randi something:If I wanted to come up to your room right now, I could, which would be just as well, because really the only thing Id be doing is coming up to your room. I told her I didnt want to be your boyfriend, but I wanted to be her boyfriend. I told her she could be your girlfriend, and in fact Id already asked her if she wanted to be your girlfriend, but she wouldnt go for it. After the last time I did this, I thought maybe she went for the girlfriend option, but she didnt. At first I figured maybe she felt like you were too old, or you werent the right one, but she seems like a nice person, and you dont want to lose her. I told her no, I wasnt going to lose her. Because youre not going to get a straight answer out of me. Shes not pretending to be something shes not. Youre asking a lot of questions, but Randi just gave you a list of things that Randi should be doing, like being as popular as she is. You didnt get a straight answer out of her on any of these things, but you gave her your thoughts. So after youve given Randi your thoughts, she goes on to tell you to fuck off. So she said, you must be a fan of the show and the site, because youve decided to stay anyway. The comments:What the hell Randi, you made a girl pissed off.

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smartest celebrities iq