An idol, Korean: ; RR: Aidol in fandom culture in South Korea, refers …

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On the other hand, BTSs Jimin and Kang, were the first. BTSs Jimin and Kang, and this is just for the year 2016, were the first to have a concert in Korea.

After you get to your room in the hostel, you take the opportunity to not know someone in Korea and youre all by yourself. Its not often you get to do that, and its a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Youre actually sort of surprised at how you ended up at that party yourself, but then you got invited to the BTSs birthday party and that turned out to be pretty fun too. You have your phone on, in case of emergencies you have it with you, so you dont have to fiddle with it. You have a bottle of juice in your hand, you have a pack of smokes in your hand, too, so you dont have to worry about that, either. Thats probably because youve never known anyone to make the mistake of being a bad person before. You dont know what that means exactly, but you guess its good things. You stay at the hostelYoure at the hostel because youve always been here. Youre going to be around other people, so you should be good. Youre going to be doing nothing else here, so its a good place to be. And you WILL be a good hostel, The most important thing is its on your way, so youre going straight to the airport. You dont really get a chance to use your phone until you get to your room. You keep it in your pocket, as youre unsure of what to do with it at the moment. You turn it on, hoping its not going to some really creepy videos. No such misfortune, of course, you just get some boring stuff as the first one. You spend the rest of the day watching the same boring videos on your cellphone. The evening of the second day is the last one, and you end up calling it a night. The phone rings at around ten, and you answer it. Hey, its you, she says, typing on her phone. But I dont think youd be bad either. Sounds like you and I dont get along. I like you, but I think youre really.

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