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James and Jimbo are a lot more in-tune with how to engage their audience this year. The next day, you get an email from James, which tells you who has won the competition, which was a surprise. That night, you get an email from someone who wants to come down to your place for a talk. He says his name is Tom and hes a friend of Jims. He asks you to meet him in an empty office of the newspaper, so the two of you can talk more about everything. For one thing, youve never met anyone so obviously a friend before, and you always knew Jim was a friend, but then you never imagined him dating your sister. More to the point, he says hes a friend of Jims because he wants to help Jim out in a big way. He says he has a secret plan that should solve all of Jims problems, and if youre really interested, you can join him. You meet him in an empty officeYoure curious, so you ask about the secret plan. Tom looks doubtful about what youre asking so he says hell only tell you if you promise to stay. You agree, and he then tells you that Jim needs your help to solve his problem. He doesnt give too much away, but its the details of how he got to where he is. When he leaves, you go back to being depressed, thinking youve wasted time. You get an email asking if you still want to come to one of Jims parties, which you say you will. The next day, Jim gets an email from someone claiming theyve found your secret plan again. They say it was on the computer of someone else, Jim dismisses the email then gets another email from that the two of you have something planned together. You go to his partyJims party is a nice affair, and you find yourself at the very top of it the whole time. By the time Jim has left, youre too drunk to really make an opinion. The next day, you get an email from someone saying you got a call from some people claiming to be cops. You ask Jim what hes going to do, and he gives the same answer he did last time. You go to Jims apartmentYou go to Jims apartment, and you tell him you know something is up. You know who the cops are, so Jim takes you to a police.

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