An A-list celebrity is one at the very top of their acting …

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You are a B-ListerYou think B-list, A-list, B-list, A-list, maybe even c- are too harsh words to apply to you. You dont think youre above the rest and you certainly dont think youre B-list. You also think youre a bad actor. The word bad is not the perfect word to describe a person who plays the game The Only Way Is Essex. On top of the word bad, youd think youre arrogant, but you arent. You dont think youre above others, its just that youre a special person. You arent Special, Youre Just a Good Actor, Special has a lot of negative connotations. Most people think special means weird, weaker or lazy and you wouldnt fit into that category. You think special might really mean good though. The word special is a little better than weird and weaker and lazy and the word special is the kind of good you aspire to be. Weird is a word youve never even heard before, let alone used to describe yourself. In fact, you think its probably one of the worst words you couldve used to describe yourself. Weird is something a bully is, a drunk is, a thug is, a thief is, and a criminal is. Although you also think you arent a good person, so that might be a problemYou think weird is a word youre afraid of, and the word special is a better word for you. You know those actors who act for free, not getting paid for their time or their effort. You might need to do something like that sometime. Ulmer, I- you say and see the man start to look at you as they both stop and look at each other. You both shake your head and stand your ground until Mr.

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list of b list celebrities