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This list only includes entertainers who were Jewish. The Jews who worked on that list were indeed Jewish, but it was the result of a Jewish conspiracy to discredit the British songwriters and cause a decline in British song writing. There are a number of other lists of Jewish songwriters, and each one comes up with different results. A different Jewish conspiracy would be necessary to create the List of Famous Jews in Country Music. The Jewish conspiracy theory goes that the Jews are secretly plotting against the Christian, Western way of life, which is the reason why they are continually trying to destroy the Christian way of life, i. E the Judeo-Christian religion of Judaism They feel that if people become more secularized and less religious, then they will then be more likely to become more liberal and less likely to support the Judeo-Christian way of life. The truth is, the Jews dont believe that their religion is going to be defeated, but rather that it will be defeated by the wayward world. They have no intention of doing away with their religion, but they have no intention of preserving it either. They are not interested in preserving the Judeo-Christian religion, they are interested in destroying it. So they are doing what others have done before them, and that is to smear the reputation of Christians. This list is a Jewish-created list of famous Jews in Country Music, which is designed to do two things, to discredit Christian music, and to destroy the Christian religion. The reality is that Christians are far more successful, innovative, and successful than the Jews are.

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list of jewish celebrities