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You are currently in the midst of a massive, life altering event. The past few weeks have been the best you have been since. Well since you woke up, which you never thought would be a possibility. You get up the courage to talk to your friends about itYouve always been social, but you never had a reason to speak to people. Youve always just been a loner, which makes you very happy, and now that you actually see the world, you will be able to do and say things for the first time in quite some time. You know its just a temporary high, and youll be back to your old self eventually, but at least you will have a better understanding of people and be able to put your feelings into action and start doing things. So youre going to do it, you start to act like an average person by going to the movies to meet people. You decide to go to a movie because you want to feel different from everyone else around you. Of course, you cant go into a movie as yourself, or youll be found out. You go to the movies and actually do a lot better than you thought you would, but you still keep the facade. You know if you speak up to your friends about it, it wouldnt be good for the group image. You do speak up, and explain that youre feeling different but that youll keep it to yourself so that will be what you do. When youre alone, you get more positive feedback from your friends. They tell you that youre actually being more social and that its a great idea. You decide that you want to make this the new norm, and go about it as best you can. You still go to the movies and keep your facade, but you enjoy talking to people a bit more. You still have the facade of acting normal, but you actually do start interacting with people and your life becomes a lot better. You dont feel so lonely anymore. You keep living your life as normal as you can, and youre glad you can. You The Next PhaseThe next phase of your life has just begun. Now that you have achieved your goals, youre ready for the next step in your development. This next phase of you is about you, and your new found feelings for Amber. You dont want her to get in danger of losing you like you did with John in the past. You still have the mask on when you see her. You decide to be with her because you know she loves you as much as you love her, and you cant let her go just because you feel something for her. Youll stick by your side the whole way.

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