Amanda Bynes Opens Up – Says A Director Once Said She 'Looked Like A Monster'!

Amanda Bynes is communicating with her fans again.

It’s been a long time since the former child star had a direct channel to her fans. She has a complicated history with social media, and in recent years she’s largely stayed away and kept her life private. However, as she moves to end her nearly decade-long conservatorship, Amanda is clearly turning over a new leaf. And it seems that means opening herself back up to the world.

The Nickelodeon alum has so far delivered a few updates on her new Instagram account, and on Monday, she delivered her most personal reflection yet. Accompanied by a very brief selfie video, she shared:

“The reason I don’t usually look great in paparazzi pictures is because I’m squinting in the sun. The videos and pictures I post are in a flattering light, or in the shade outside, without the sun blasting on my face. I once did a movie where the director told me that in certain lights, I looked like a monster

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Wow, pretty harsh. But since she used the laughing emoji, we’ll assume that comment was made in good fun!

Innerestingly, the actress’ current social media presence reminds us a lot of Britney Spears — although Amanda’s lawyer David A. Esquibias insisted that similarities between their conservatorship situations are purely coincidental. Still, Brit has also used her IG page to communicate directly with fans, clear up misconceptions, and express her feelings about her image has been portrayed out in the world. We can’t help wonder if Amanda was inspired by that approach.

For instance, in a previous ‘gram, she reposted a Daily Mail headline regarding one of her attorney’s statements and clarified:

“Thankful for David Esquibias. But I’m turning 36, not 35 :-)”

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For the record, the article looked to be from 2021, so she was indeed turning 35 at the time it was written. Regardless, we’re glad that the What a Girl Wants star has a place she feels safe and comfortable reaching out to the world.

Perhaps we’ll see even more of this when the conservatorship is finally over. She’s got a clean slate and endless possibilities ahead of her. As a source for E! News said last month:

“Once the conservatorship is terminated, she’ll be able to get married, live wherever she likes and travel freely wherever she wants to go, among other things. Nobody is really sure right now what’s next for her, but whatever it is, Amanda’s mom knows that based on the reports they’ve gotten, Amanda is determined, successful and able to manage her day-to-day life and well-being.”

We’re so happy for her! Wishing Amanda the best of luck in this new chapter.

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