Although Washingtons Scandal character is all business, in real life …

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TABLE-1072TABLEYou then decide on which ones you think are the most interesting from the celebrities. Im really not into the majority of the celebrities on here. With a wave you select a celebrity and then give a thumbs up or thumbs down to them. Okay thats enough, I think I made my choice. You close the list and give a small smile. You exit the listYou dont like the celebrities. You say to yourself, Ill just stay online for awhile and stay out of the way. You then exit out of the list and return back to your computer to begin working. A few more hours pass, and you havent made a peep, you close your eyes, then. You hear a noise, like a rat burrowing through the floor, and then your door opens up. An old dirty looking man with a beard and hair looks through your window. Im supposed to be working and not looking at peoples stupid lives. The man sighs and stands outside your door. Fine, youre right, youre not supposed to be out here, but I dont want you getting in trouble. Im going to lock this door and then Im going to go ahead and lock this place too. If you go out there and start causing trouble, well Im not going to have time to kick you out. You say as the man starts unlocking the door and you close the door. You soon hear the lock click as you exit in the direction of your room. I didnt think you were actually going to follow through on this deal, so I wanted to make sure you werent just faking your exit. You got me with that one man-up agreement. See you around, you might see me around the club, but I wont be inviting you in, just locking the door. You walk over to your room to get dressed and. You take a look back on lifeLooking back on lifeYou have so much more to look forward too, like the many other people on these lists, but youve.

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